Fragrance of perfumes and colognes says a lot about one’s personality. A pleasant scent that you always wear becomes your signature scent. Perfume makes up your personality, it adds great beauty and grace in your persona. The way you wear it makes you eminent at your workplace or in formal and informal occasions.


We have something interesting to share about fragrance. Let’s get to know what your signature scent says about your personality:

  • People who prefer fruity flavoured fragrance (peaches, berries etc)

Fruity flavoured scents and best smelling colognes denote to super liveliness. People who prefer to wear such fragrances that have fruity effect tend to be lively and high-spirited. People with fruity flavoured scent are usually the live wire of any party.

People who prefer oriental flavours (honey, amber etc)

If you like to wear a fragrance that has oriental flavours then it indicates that you are a very concerned person about your personal impression. Sobriety is your speciality and you like vintage classy stuff in perfumes. You never compromise on the quantity. Staying trendy with classics is signature.

  • People who prefer spicy flavoured fragrance (Ginger, cinnamon etc)

Spice indicates warmth and attractiveness, if you like to wear spicy flavoured scents it means you have an appealing personality, the warmth and spark of your personality attract others. Staying at your bed and enjoying the cosiness of your bed is something you love a lot.

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  • People who wear floral flavoured fragrance (roses, violets etc)

Floral flavour always denotes to feminism and delicacy so it especially goes for ladies. Ladies love the spritz of floral scents on their skin. You are a graceful person who is not so forward. It also denotes that you are highly concerned about the feelings of others.

People who prefer earthy and woody fragrance (musk)

People who like to wear earthy flavours like musk and moss are very loyal people. Nothing holds them back to express their feelings. They are candid about expressing their standpoint in a vivid way. They are sincere and expect and appreciate sincerity in return.

  • People who prefer green flavoured fragrance (leaves)

Those who wear green flavoured scents love to get involved in sports activities. They are super energetic and invest their time on healthy activities. They are more inclined towards the beauties of nature. In simple words, people who like green flavoured scents are highly refined and cultivated persons.

  • People who prefer citrus flavoured fragrance (lime)

Citrus flavour indicates the real zeal and zest of life, it shows how enticing and the fun-loving person you are. Men who love wearing citrus scents are very disciplined and women who like to wear citrus scents are romantic and sophisticated.

  • People who prefer oceanic flavoured fragrance (air)

If you like to wear oceanic fragrance it means you are a person who always stay motivated. You are a highly determined person whose will-power is very firm and strong. You have the guts to walk your talk. You are a confident and bold person. You are honest in your dealings.

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