People all around the world celebrate Holi. But it is not the same everywhere. There are many regional traditions associated with Holi. People also abide by different regional rituals. Let’s discuss some unique yet popular traditions and rituals of Holi in India here.

holi celebration

Lathmaar Holi:

It is the celebration of the Holi festival on the Land of Radha and Krishna. On the day of Holi, men invade from the Land of Krishna into the Land of Radha. Here, women beat them with Laths (Sticks). After that, all the men are forced to wear the attire of women and dance in front of everyone.

Basant Utsav:

In West Bengal, India, Holi is more about celebrating the beginning of the spring season. Here the most amazing tourist attraction is the BasantUtsav festival at Shantiniketan University.

Hola Mohalla:

It is a celebration of Holi by the Sikh community of Punjab, India. HolaMohalla is a festival of martial arts. Sikh community every year gathers at Anandpur Sahib and competitions of martial arts take place.


Bhang is an integral part of Holi celebrations. It is said that Holi celebrations are incomplete for you if you don’t consume at least a glass of Bhang. No matter where Hindu/Indians celebrate Holi, they make arrangements of Bhang for sure.

Burning Harvest:

While everyone lights a bonfire on the evening before Holi, some people bury a pot full of barely harvest under the fire. After the fire ends, everyone eats the harvest. They believe that eating it will keep them healthy.

Lord Kamadeva:

On the day of Holika Dahan, some people worship Lord Kamadeva. They also prepare food and offer it to him.

Stealing Wood Logs:

It is a ritual in some parts of India to not to buy wood logs to burn on the day of Holika Dahan. Instead, people go to neighboring homes to steal wood logs and cow dungs. All this is used to burn the bonfire in the evening before Holi.

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