What is FM Whatsapp?

FM Whatsapp is a modified and enhanced version of the original Whatsapp. Though the original contains no bug, still it lacks some of the features, and sometimes it becomes irritating to use the app. FmWhatsapp is a version that offers useful features that are not present in the original app.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp

What is YoWhatsapp?

YoWhastapp is a Whatsapp MOD that implements changes and improvements to the official application. It can provide Whatsapp with extra functions. As a MOD of the original app, it’s a development based on its source code, but introducing different modifications.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-Setting Options:

The design of the settings menu changes slightly, mainly because the icons are different, and the arrangement of specific options vary, but they are more or less the same. There aren’t any noteworthy differences; all privacy and security options are available in both options.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-Customization:

Regarding the customization options, just like all MODs, they share the same repository with a few thousand skins to choose from, as well as options to import your skins. Both options also allow us to change the colors of the interface’s modules, affecting both the lists and the conversations.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-App Developers:

Yousef Al Basha is the developer of YoWhatsapp, while Fouad Mokdad is the person who developed FmWhatsapp. Both developers try to keep their software updated regularly.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-Status Privacy:

The Stories section is also identical. The same functions to take photos, record videos or write messages to get shared for 24 hours. Regarding, the privacy settings relative to this section, we can also find the same options.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-Video calls/ voice calls:

BothFmWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp allow us to make phone calls or video calls, whether individually or in a group.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhatsapp-Anti-Delete Option:

On the regular version, if someone deletes the message he has sent you, you can’t read it. However, GbWhatsapp Apk, FmWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp allow you to read the deleted messages.

FmWhatsapp vs YoWhastapp-YoThemes:

Official Whastapp has only one theme but, FmWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp have the option to change different themes to look attractive. In both, you get YOthemes feature to replace a theme, Unlike GbWhatsappapk 2020 you don’t have to install a separate app for Whatsapp.

Which one is the best?

As per our recommendations, YoWhatsapp is a good option. However, we used to recommend GbWhastapp Apk 2020 before but, the advanced version of YoWhatsapp is also good.

Is YoWhatsapp Safe?

The short answer is Yes. You won’t have any issues utilizing YoWhatsapp. The server for every one of the mods is equivalent, and there’s just a single server through which every one of the information moves happens. So no issues are utilizing any Whatsapp MODs. All MODs are secure.

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